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Allah, give me strength I need.

Ya Allah,
Make me a stronger person today. Make me a better person out of all these. It is no longer bearable for me for my heart is aching and You are the only One who knows how I feel. Nothing is making sense to myself and for anyone else for that matter especially to the one person I wish to understand me better than anybody else.
Ya Allah,
You are the only One who listens and forgives. You are the only One who understands my reasoning and the only One who understands my actions. You are the only One who deserves to punish me for my actions and the only One who can make this go away. I believe in the things that You do for You will ease the pain and help me be a better person out of these.
Ya Allah,
don’t dare to question why this is happening to me because everything is set in stone and You are the only One who knows best. I believe in You Ya Allah. I believe in the goodness You blesses me with and the hardships You put me through. I believe in You. I believe that if You are willing, someday, all these will be worth the pain and hurt.
Ya Allah,
I don’t answer to those who question my decisions and I certainly don’t answer to those who question my faith and intentions for it is You who knows better. But sometimes, I am too weak to stand the pain. I am too weak to reason and there are just not good enough and being only a human, I wish for them to at least find it in their hearts to stop assuming the worst from me.
Ya Allah,
I am only a human with sins bigger than any mountains visible to human eyes. Forgive me Ya Allah. Forgive me. Give me the strength to hold on to the only thing that’s making sense right now. My faith in You. You know what is best for me and if the only way for me to deserve it is by having to face all these, I accept it with an open heart and mind.
Ya Allah,
I know You are listening. Help me get through this Ya Allah. Give me the strength and open the hearts of those who have hurt my feelings to ask for Your forgiveness as my heart belongs to You and You have entrusted them to take care of it. Forgive them Ya Allah. Forgive those who are hurting me. Open their hearts so it will be easier for them to accept Your hidayah.
Ya Allah,
Tonight, I understand what you meant by trials and tribulations to refine someone’s soul. If that is the case, Alhamdulillah, Aku Redha Ya Allah but please, give me the strength and give them guidance andsigns so they could make right what they did wrong.